Course Content
Topic 1.1 : Introduction to Number Systems
Topic 1.2 : Irrational Numbers
Topic 1.3 : Real Numbers and their Decimal Expansions
Topic 1.4 : Representing Real Numbers on the Number Line
Topic 1.5 : Operations on Real Numbers
Topic 1.6: Law of Exponents for Real Numbers
Topic 5.1 : Euclid's Definitions, Axioms and Postulates
Topic 5.2 : Equivalent Versions of Euclid's Fifth Postulate
Topic 6.1 : Basic Terms and Definitions
Topic 6.2 : Parallel Lines and a Transversal & Lines Parallel to the same Line
Topic 6.3 : Angle Sum Property of a Triangle
Topic 7.1 : Criteria for Congruence of Triangles
Topic 7.2 : Some Properties of a Triangle
Topic 7.3 : Some More Criteria for Congruence of Triangles
Topic 7.4 : Inequalities in a Triangle
Topic 8.1 : Introduction to Quadrilaterals and Properties of a Parallelogram
Topic 8.2 : The Mid-point Theorem
Topic-1 Figures on the same Base and Between the same Parallels
Topic-2 Parallelograms on the same Base and between the same Parallels
Topic-3 Triangles on the same Base and between the same Parallels
Topic-1 Circles and its Related Terms: A Review
Topic-2 Angle Subtended by a Chord at a Point
Topic-3 Perpendicular from the Centre to a Chord and circle through three points
Topic-4 Equal Chords and their Distances from the Centre
Topic-5 Angle Subtended by an Arc of a Circle and cyclic quadrilaterals
Area of a Triangle – by Heron’s Formula
Application of Heron’s Formula in finding Areas of Quadrilaterals
Exam Prepration Kit (Available with Full Course)

How to gain mastery over Mathematics (Ganit)?

Mathematics is a very important subject from the point of view of exams and also in our everyday life.

Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) Class 9th Mathematics (Bilingual) course is specially made for the students of Class 9th students of BSEB. It has been prepared by our qualified teachers keeping in mind the need of students as many students find Mathematics difficult.  

This course is a video lectures course and strictly adheres to the BSEB syllabus. In this course, you will get assessment and exam preparation kit. It is available in online as well as offline format. If you stay in an area where there is low internet connectivity you can avail course in a pen drive, tablet, etc. 

Below are some of the reasons for buying this course-

Detailed video lectures 

Iss course me hum aapko dete hain detailed video lectures, jisme humare teachers apko Ganit ke kathin kathin chapters ko bade hi aasaan tareeke se samjhate hain. These lectures include all the chapters of Maths including “Circles” “Statistics” and “Number Systems.” Yahan par apko muskhil se mushkil question bhi aasaan lagega and use karne me interest aega.

MCQs and Assignments for Assessment

Iss course me diye gaye multiple choice questions (MCQs) ke online tests ko karne ke baad aapki us chapter pe pakad ban jati hai and then when you do the assignments you get to know where your preparation is lacking. It provides a better assessment of mathematical concepts learned so far.

Live sessions

Live lectures on various topics of Mathematics are also run on Bright Tutee Youtube channel. During these sessions, our teachers cover a single topic from a Maths chapter and then give a detailed explanation of the same. In lectures ke dauran students apne doubts bhi clear kar sakte hain. Isse students ke concepts zyada acche se clear hote hain and wo exams ke liye ekdum prepare ho jate hain.

Solved and Unsolved Question Papers, Model Test Papers etc.

In sab ke alawa iss course me you get previous years' solved and unsolved question papers, model test papers, and sample papers. Previous years solved and unsolved papers karne se aapko idea ho jata hai pichle saal kis tarah ke questions aye the. 

By solving model test papers you get to know the types and expected questions that can come in the exam. Solving all these papers is very helpful in getting a jump of 20 to 30 percent in your marks.

Pocket-friendly, on-the-go study partner 

This course is very affordable. You can access the course as per your learning needs. You can get access to the whole course for 1 day in just Rs 30 and can also avail it for different time periods including one day, one week, one month, etc. 

So don’t wait and think too much. Learn from the comfort of your home. Agar Mathematics me acche number chahiye toh immediately purchase this course and start your learning journey and end Mathematics fear. 

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