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1. Describing Motion

2. Distance an Displacement

3. Intext Question

1. Uniform Motion and Non Uniform Motion


Exam Preparation Kit

Science is a complex and difficult subject but if you understand its concepts clearly, you can master it. This course of class 9th Science of BSEB Board is the best course which not only makes you understand the concept of the topics but also you can score highest marks in exams. This course includes online video lectures, MCQs, assignments, sample papers, model test papers, and previous years’ question papers. It gives you the whole study material along with all types of question papers.  

Comprehensive and detailed video lectures-

The video lectures cover each and every chapter of Scienceadhering to the syllabus of  Bihar Board. These video lectures are especially designed by our passionate, creative and experienced teachers like Vrinda Khurana (15 years’ experience) and Amit Ajmani (20 years’ experience). Our teachers explain every topic and chapter of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with help of descriptive pictures and diagrams which enable you to understand the concept very nicely. Plus, the video lectures are detailed, interesting and comprehensive.

Chapter-wise practice for Assessments-

Bright Tutee provides solved and unsolved chapter-wise MCQs and assignments. Question may be asked from any chapter of your syllabus, so it’s important to have a strong command over every chapter. By solving these chapter-wise multiple choice questions and assignments, you come to know which chapters you have studied well and which chapters you need to revise.

Mock-tests with Exam-Preparation Kit-

Bright Tutee provides you the whole set of different types of question papers like sample papers, model test papers, and last years’ question papers at one place. You do not have to search it at different places. Solving the question papers is the best thing to score the best marks in exam as well as to gain confidence on actual exam day.

Studying and understanding the topic only won’t work to get you better marks rather what you have written in the answer sheet in your exam matters a lot. Set a timer and then solve the question papers. You will come to know whether you are able to solve the paper within the specific time or not. You will get to know where you are standing right now and how to improve your writing skills to score excellent marks.

Live Sessions- 

We conduct live sessions regularly on our YouTube channel. We update its information on Facebook posts. In live session, the teacher discusses a chapter in detail and the students can ask their queries directly from teachers. The teachers also suggest writing tips and tricks to the students to score highest marks in the exams.

Affordable Courses-

We provide 1-day access to our course at just Rs 30. You can buy 1 chapter or some of the chapters according to your learning needs. If you want a course for a certain period, you can purchase it for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.

So, if you want to get excellent marks in class 9th Science, this course is the best course to purchase. It will not only raise your percentage by 20 to 40 percent but also you will have a clear understanding of the subject. Plus, this course is available in offline mode in pen drive, SD Card and tablets those students who does not have internet facility or have low internet speed.