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Course Content
Topic– 1 : Importance Of Water, Sources Of Water, Distribution Of Water On Earth, Water Scarcity, Reasons For Water Scarcity
Topic– 2 : Need For Conservation Of Water – Hydraulic Structure In India, Definition Of Dams; Objectives Of Multipurpose Projects - Opposition To Multipurpose Projects And Large Dams
Topic– 3 : Rainwater Harvesting
Topic 4.1: Importance of Agriculture
Topic 4.2: Major Crops Grown in India
Topic 4.3: Technological and Instituional Reforms
Topic 4.4: Agriculture (Question & Answer)
Topic– 1 : What is Manufacturing?
Topic– 2 : Distribution of Agro-based Industries
Topic– 3 : Industrial Pollution & Environmental Degradation
Topic– 1 : Before the Industrial Revolution
Topic– 2 : Hand Labour and Steam Power
Topic– 3 : Industrialisation in the Colonies and Factories Come Up
Topic– 4 : The Peculiarities of Industrial Growth and Market for Goods
Topic– 1 : Characteristics of the City
Topic– 2 : Social Change in the City and Politics in the City
Topic– 3 : The City in Colonial India and Cities and the Challenge of the Environment
Topic 7.1 : The First Printed Books and Print Comes to Europe
Topic 7.2 : The Print Revolution and Its Impact
Topic 7.3 : The Reading Mania and The Nineteenth Century
Topic 7.4 : India and the World of Print and Religious Reform and Public Debates
Topic 7.5 : New Forms of Publication and Print and Censorship
Topic 1.1: Resources,types of resources, development of resources
Topic 1.2 : Resources planning
Topic 1.3 : Land degradation, Measures to control degradation
Soil resources, Classification
Topic 1.5: Soil Erosion and soil conservation
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