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Course Content
Topic 1.1 : Introduction to Number Systems
Topic 1.2 : Irrational Numbers
Topic 1.3 : Real Numbers and their Decimal Expansions
Topic 1.4 : Representing Real Numbers on the Number Line
Topic 1.5 : Operations on Real Numbers
Topic 1.6: Law of Exponents for Real Numbers
Topic 5.1 : Euclid's Definitions, Axioms and Postulates
Topic 5.2 : Equivalent Versions of Euclid's Fifth Postulate
Topic 6.1 : Basic Terms and Definitions
Topic 6.2 : Parallel Lines and a Transversal & Lines Parallel to the same Line
Topic 6.3 : Angle Sum Property of a Triangle
Topic 7.1 : Criteria for Congruence of Triangles
Topic 7.2 : Some Properties of a Triangle
Topic 7.3 : Some More Criteria for Congruence of Triangles
Topic 7.4 : Inequalities in a Triangle
Topic 8.1 : Introduction to Quadrilaterals and Properties of a Parallelogram
Topic 8.2 : The Mid-point Theorem
Topic-1 Figures on the same Base and Between the same Parallels
Topic-2 Parallelograms on the same Base and between the same Parallels
Topic-3 Triangles on the same Base and between the same Parallels
Topic-1 Circles and its Related Terms: A Review
Topic-2 Angle Subtended by a Chord at a Point
Topic-3 Perpendicular from the Centre to a Chord and circle through three points
Topic-4 Equal Chords and their Distances from the Centre
Topic-5 Angle Subtended by an Arc of a Circle and cyclic quadrilaterals
Area of a Triangle – by Heron’s Formula
Application of Heron’s Formula in finding Areas of Quadrilaterals
Exam Prepration Kit (Available with Full Course)

Mathematics (गणित) is considered a difficult subject but if you understand the concept and practice it daily, it can become easy. To score the full marks in Mathematics is easy if you study under proper guidance. And you get such guidance with our CBSE class 9th Mathematics course. The full course for class 9th Mathematics is a complete course to get you full marks in the examination.

This course includes video lectures, full notes, assessments, sample papers (नमूना पत्र), model test papers, last years’ question papers (पिछले वर्षों के प्रश्न पत्र) and many more study material. The mode (साधन) of teaching (शिक्षण) in this course is bilingual means the teacher will teach the chapters in both languages Hindi and English. The video lecture will neither be purely in Hindi nor purely in English.

Easy to understand video lectures-

Our video lectures are exclusively (केवल) prepared by the team of our experienced teachers like B.K Singh who possess 17 years’ experience. He adopts a student-friendly approach (छात्र के अनुकूल पहुंच) and explains every topic in detail with practical examples (व्यावहारिक उदाहरण). The video lectures are engaging and detailed and cover every chapter according to the CBSE syllabus.

Our teachers stress conceptual understanding of every topic to make difficult topics like “Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry”, “Lines and Angles”, “Surface, Areas and Volumes”, “Probability” easy. And that helps you become more confident and score better marks in Class 10th Maths board exam.

Test what you learn with MCQs and Assignments -

In the next step, MCQs i.e. multiple-choice questions (बहुविकल्पी प्रश्न) and assignments of every topic are provided. After finishing the chapter, attempt multiple-choice questions (बहुविकल्पी प्रश्न) of every topic, it will give you actual (वास्तविक) assessment that how much you have learnt from that topic and which topics you should revise. Plus, we will also offer chapter-wise question banks.

Practice question papers with Exam Preparation Kit-

The exam preparation kit includes all solved (हल किया) and unsolved (न सुलझा हुआ) sample papers, model test papers and previous years’ question papers (पिछले वर्षों के प्रश्न पत्र). When you get finished with the syllabus (पाठ्यक्रम), practice these papers every day. Firstly, solve the unsolved version of the question paper, and then check your answers with the solved version of the question paper. Giving the mock tests with question papers lifts your confidence (आत्म विश्वास) manifolds (कई गुना) and you will not feel stressed on the actual day of the exam.

Live Interactive Session for doubt clearance-

Live sessions are conducted regularly (नियमित) on our YouTube channel wherein the students can ask their doubts. The teacher discusses a specific chapter in detail and suggests the important questions and writing tips to score the highest marks in the exam.

Highly Affordable course-

We provide one day access to the course just at Rs 30. Plus, you can purchase the course by chapter means you can buy one chapter or some of the chapters of a subject. And you can also purchase the course for different time periods like 6 months, 2 months, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, etc.

CBSE class 9th Mathematics course is a full course to achieve success in your exams. You get each and everything of class 9th Mathematics at one place. Studying with this course increases your percentage widely. Not only this, even if you do not have internet facility (इंटरनेट सुविधा), you can buy our course through offline medium through pen drive, SD card, and tablet.

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