Course Content
Topic– 1 : Developmental Goals
Topic– 2 : How to compare different countries or states?
Topic– 3 : Sustainability of Development
Topic– 1 : Sectors of Economic Activities
Topic– 2 : Comparing the Three Sectors
Topic– 3 : Division of Sectors as Organised and Unorganised
Topic– 4 : Sectors in Terms of Ownership
Topic– 1 : Resources, Types of Resources
Topic– 2 : Resource Planning, Resource Planning in India, Conservation of Resources, Land Resources and Land Use Pattern in India
Topic– 3 : Land Degradation and Measures to Control Land Degradation
Topic– 4 : Soil Resources and Classifications of Soils
Topic– 5 : Soil Erosion, Types of Soil Erosion, and Soil Conservation
Topic– 1 : Importance of water, Sources of water, Distribution of water on earth, Water scarcity, Reasons for water scarcity
Topic– 2 : Need for Conservation of water – Hydraulic structure in India, Definition of dams; Objectives of Multipurpose projects - Opposition to multipurpose projects and large dams.
Topic– 3 : Rainwater Harvesting
Topic– 1 : Importance of Agriculture, Types of Farming, Subsistence, Intensive, Commercial, Agriculture seasons/patterns
Topic– 2 : Major crops; distribution of food and non-food crops
Topic– 3 : Technological and Institutional Reforms
Topic– 1 : Importance of Minerals Classification and Occurrence of Minerals
Topic– 2 : Distribution and Conservation of Minerals
Topic– 3 : Energy Resources: Conventional and Non–Conventional Source of Energy
Topic– 1 : Importance of Manufacturing, Locational Aspects and Classification of Industries
Topic– 2 : Distribution of Agro based and mineral based industries in India
Topic– 3 : Industrial Pollution and Environmental Degradation
Topic– 1 : Importance of Transport, Interdependence of Transport Communication and Road Transport Type
Topic– 2 : Railway, Pipelines, Waterways, Major Sea ports and Airways
Topic– 3 : Communication and International Trade and Tourism
Topic 2.1 : Emerging From The Shadow of China
Topic 2.2 : The Dilemma of Colonial Education
Topic 2.3 : Hygiene, Disease And Everyday Resistance
Topic 2.4 : Religion and Anti-Colonialism
Topic 2.5 : The Vision of Modernisation
Topic 2.6 : The Communist Movement And Vietnamese Nationalism
Topic 2.7 : The Nation And Its Heroes And The End of War
Topic 1: The First World War, Khilafat and Non-Cooperation
Topic 2: Differing Strands With in the Movement
Topic 3: Towards Civil Disobedience
Topic 4: The Sense of Collective Belonging
Topic 1: Before The Industrial Revolution
Topic 2: Hand Labour and Steam Power
Topic 3: Industrialisation in Colonies and Factories Come Up
Topic 4: The Peculiarities of Industrial Growth And Market For Goods
Topic 1: Characteristics of the City
Topic 2: Social Change In The City And Politics In The City
Topic 3: The City In Colonial India And Cities And The Challenges of The Environment
Topic 7.1 : The First Printed Books and Print Comes to Europe
Topic 7.2 : The Print Revolution and Its Impact
Topic 7.3 : The Reading Mania and The Nineteenth Century
Topic 7.4 : India and the World of Print and Religious Reform and Public Debates
Topic 7.5 : New Forms of Publication and Print and Censorship
Topic 8.1 : The rise of the Novel
Topic 8.2 : The Novel comes to India and Novels in the Colonial World
Topic 8.3 : Women and the Novel and The Nation and its History
Topic 7.1 : How do we assess democracy's outcome?
Topic 7.2 : Record of democracy in the form of outcomes
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In this video, you will study the various topics of History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. The video is in line with the NCERT and the CGBSE guidelines for Class 10, Social Science.

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