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Exam Preparation Kit

If you want to score excellent percentile in class 10th Mathematics, it requires best conceptual understanding and practice. Bright Tutee provides CGBSE class 9th Mathematics course which includes video lectures, MCQs, assignments, sample papers, model test papers, and previous years’ question papers. The video lectures are the mode of explaining the chapters of the syllabus whereas different question papers make you practice well.

Comprehensive and detailed video lectures-

The video lectures are prepared by our experienced and competent teachers like B.K Singh (17 years’ experienced) and Sanjay Jain (15 years’ experienced). Our teachers strive hard to prepare the lessons covering all the topics and chapters of the syllabus. They explain each chapter with help of practical and real-life examples. All the chapters are adhered to syllabus of Chhattisgarh Board. Plus, they adopt very student-friendly approach to students to lessen their hesitation so that students could easily ask their problems.

MCQs and Assignments in Assessments-

MCQs and assignments are provided wherein we give chapter-wise multiple choice questions and questions. When you solve the questions after completing the chapter, you get an in-depth knowledge of that chapter and become very confident for that chapter.

Practice with Exam-Preparation kit

After completing the whole syllabus, solve these different question papers with Exam-Preparation kit. In this Exam-Preparation Kit, we provide you solved and unsolved sample papers, model test papers, and previous years’ question papers. Set apart three hours for every question paper and evaluate yourself how much you have done with the question paper. 

Do this exercise daily. It will make you confident plus you will be well acquainted with marking scheme and exam pattern.

Live Sessions

Bright Tutee conducts live sessions on our YouTube channel wherein our teacher discusses a chapter in detail and students ask their doubts directly from the teacher. Moreover, the teacher also discusses latest or changed exam pattern and trends. The information of these sessions are given on our Facebook Page and what’s more interesting about these live sessions are that it is totally free of cost.

Highly Affordable courses

We provide 1-day access to our full course just at Rs 30. You can also purchase it by a single chapter or some of the chapters. We also provide the courses for different time periods like 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc. 

A self-paced study platform

Bright Tutee is a self-paced study platform from where you can study from home. When you purchase the course, you get the access and then you can study the full course just sitting at home. It has two major benefits. You can study with a focused mind with full concentration. Plus, it will save your much time and energy.

Bright Tutee provides you the best course to score the highest marks in class 9th Mathematics.  Studying with this course sincerely can raise your percentile from 10 to 30 percent.