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1. Chemical Properties of Acid and Bases

2. Physical Properties of Acid and Bases

3. Intext Questions

1.What do all acids and all bases have in common


Exam Preparation Kit

Class 10th science course is the best course to score the best marks in the exams. Scoring excellent marks in Science becomes more important as it widens your choice of choosing Science in class 11th. Science is a tough subject only if you don’t understand the concept but if you understand the concept, you can raise your percentage from 10 percent to 30 percent. This course is a conceptually based course which is available in online as well as in offline mode. We provide the course in offline medium through pen drive, SD Card, and tablet.

Learn the chapters through engaging and comprehensive video lectures-

The first step of the course starts from video lectures. These video lectures are the video lessons where our teacher teaches the chapter in interesting, detailed and comprehensible manner. These lectures cover every topic and chapter of Science adhering to Himachal Pradesh Board. These lessons are prepared by our very qualified and experienced teachers like Vrinda Khurana (15 years) and Amit Ajmani (20 years). Their decades of experience help them to understand student’s level of understanding. Plus, they are also very well acquainted with exam pattern which they keep in mind while making the video lessons.

Test your knowledge through Assessments-

When you learn the topics and chapter through video lessons, we provide you solved and unsolved multiple-choice questions and assignments of every chapter. These MCQs will make you confident with every chapter. Plus, you also get to know the topics where you face difficulty and can revise those topics again. 

Be confident with Exam-Preparation Kit-

In Exam-Preparation kit, we provide you the solved and unsolved version of sample papers, model test papers, and previous years’ question papers. The third step after learning and assessment is to practice the question papers regularly. Firstly, solve unsolved question papers and then check your answers with solved question papers. By repeating this exercise, you will be very well familiar with marking scheme pattern and will get better with time management. Moreover, it will make you very confident on actual exam day.

Affordable Courses- 

We provide courses at very affordable prices. The starting price of the course starts with just Rs 30. You can buy chapter or some of the chapters according to your learning need. If you want a course for a certain period, you can purchase it for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, 1 year etc.

Study the full course at Home- 

The full course of class 10th Science can be studied at the comfort of your home. When you buy the online course, you get the access to this course which you can study at home. Even, if you buy our offline course, we provide the course via pen drive, SD Card and tablet which also can be studied at home.

Class 10th Science course of Himachal Board is a perfect course to understand Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the best way and also to score the best marks in class 10th. It provides you the full course at very affordable prices at comfort of your home.