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Strict adherence to HP board syllabus

Student friendly assessment

Performance focused exam preparation

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Course Content
Topic 1.1 : Introduction to Number Systems
Topic 1.2 : Irrational Numbers
Topic 1.3 : Real Numbers and their Decimal Expansions
Topic 1.4 : Representing Real Numbers on the Number Line
Topic 1.5 : Operations on Real Numbers
Topic 1.6 : Law of Exponents for Real Numbers
Topic 3.1 : Introduction to Coordinate Geometry
Topic 3.2 Cartesian System
Topic 3.3 : Plotting a Point in the Plane if its Coordinates are given
Topic 5.1 : Euclid's Definitions, Axioms and Postulates
Topic 5.2 : Equivalent Versions of Euclid's Fifth Postulate
Topic 6.1 : Basic Terms and Definitions
Topic 6.2 : Parallel Lines and a Transversal & Lines Parallel to the same Line
Topic 6.3 : Angle Sum Property of a Triangle
Topic 7.1 : Criteria for Congruence of Triangles
Topic 7.2 : Some Properties of a Triangle
Topic 7.3 : Some More Criteria for Congruence of Triangles
Topic 7.4 : Inequalities in a Triangle
Topic 8.1 : Introduction to Quadrilaterals and Properties of a Parallelogram
Topic 8.2 : The Mid-point Theorem
Topic 9.1 : Figures on the same Base and Between the same Parallels
Topic 9.2 : Parallelograms on the same Base and between the same Parallels
Topic 9.3 : Triangles on the same Base and between the same Parallels
Topic 10.1 : Circles and its Related Terms: A Review
Topic 10.2 : Angle Subtended by a Chord at a Point
Topic 10.3 :Perpendicular from the Centre to a Chord and circle through three points
Topic 10.4 : Equal Chords and their Distances from the Centre
Topic 10.5 : Angle Subtended by an Arc of a Circle and cyclic quadrilaterals
Topic 12.1 : Area of a Triangle – by Heron’s Formula
Topic 12.2 : Application of Heron’s Formula in finding Areas of Quadrilaterals
Topic 15.1 : Probability – An Experimental Approach
Exam Prepration Kit (Available with Full Course)

Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education (HPBOSE) Class 9th Mathematics (Maths) Course is designed to help students gain mastery over the subject and score higher marks in exams. It includes video lectures, assignments, multiple-choice questions (MCQs), model test papers, sample papers, and previous years’ question papers, etc. 

Live lectures on Bright Tutee Youtube channel are also available for students. Customized courses are also available which allow a student to choose a course according to his choice of time be it for 1 day, 15 days, 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, I year, etc. at very affordable prices.

Detailed and Comprehensive Video Lectures-

The video lectures are prepared by very experienced teachers like Sanjay Jain and B. K. Singh. The lectures focus on each and every topic and chapter of class 9th Mathematics in accordance with the syllabus of the HPBOSE. 

We also conduct live sessions of the lectures on our Youtube channel in a way so that students can get their doubts solved at the same time and get one to one learning experience.  The video lectures increase a student’s interest towards Maths and also enhance the overall retention and learning capability. The teachers use everyday examples to teach complex concepts to make the learning process simple.

Assignments and MCQs for assessment-

We also provide instant and online chapter wise assignments and MCQs. When you solve the MCQs and do assignments you get a clear understanding of the complex Mathematical concepts. Assessment of topic and chapter wise question banks help you to know how much you have learned from the video lectures.

Exam Preparation Kit-

In the Exam Preparation kit, you will be given all the solved and unsolved previous years’ question papers, model test papers and sample papers of Maths subject. Solving all these will make your exam ready. By doing practice mock tests you will be able to get hold of the marking scheme. It will also help you in time management and increase your confidence.

Highly Cost-effective Course-

The pricing of the courses is such that even students from low-income families can also afford it. A student can get to learn the course with just Rs 30 in the pocket. One can also purchase a weekly, monthly or yearly plan based on one’s needs. The student is provided with every possible option with the availability of even chapter wise plan. 

Live Interactive Sessions-

Live Interactive Sessions on our Youtube channel enable students like you to ask their questions and doubts and get them solved directly from the teachers. The teachers also discuss the do’s and don’ts for attempting the exam paper and also provide tips and tricks related to the same.

Learn from anyplace and anytime-

With Bright Tutee, you can study from the comfort of your home. The whole course can be accessed after the purchase.  Thus the time and energy which gets wasted in commuting is utilized in studying.

For students in remote areas who don’t have access to internet, we provide the full course of Class 9th Maths in offline format through devices like pen drive, SD card, and tablet.

HPBOSE Class 9th Maths course is a complete study package to attain better marks in Maths exams. The chapters are taught in a language which is very easy for you to understand and grasp the fundamentals of the subject. After the completion of the course, you are sure to attain a minimum of 10 to 20% increase in your marks. It is designed in a way to help you gain an edge over other students in exam preparation.

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