Course Content
Topic 1.1 : Introduction to Number Systems
Topic 1.2 : Irrational Numbers
Topic 1.3 : Real Numbers and their Decimal Expansions
Topic 1.4 : Representing Real Numbers on the Number Line
Topic 1.5 : Operations on Real Numbers
Topic 1.6 : Law of Exponents for Real Numbers
Topic 3.1 : Introduction to Coordinate Geometry
Topic 3.2 Cartesian System
Topic 3.3 : Plotting a Point in the Plane if its Coordinates are given
Topic 5.1 : Euclid's Definitions, Axioms and Postulates
Topic 5.2 : Equivalent Versions of Euclid's Fifth Postulate
Topic 6.1 : Basic Terms and Definitions
Topic 6.2 : Parallel Lines and a Transversal & Lines Parallel to the same Line
Topic 6.3 : Angle Sum Property of a Triangle
Topic 7.1 : Criteria for Congruence of Triangles
Topic 7.2 : Some Properties of a Triangle
Topic 7.3 : Some More Criteria for Congruence of Triangles
Topic 7.4 : Inequalities in a Triangle
Topic 8.1 : Introduction to Quadrilaterals and Properties of a Parallelogram
Topic 8.2 : The Mid-point Theorem
Topic 9.1 : Figures on the same Base and Between the same Parallels
Topic 9.2 : Parallelograms on the same Base and between the same Parallels
Topic 9.3 : Triangles on the same Base and between the same Parallels
Topic 10.1 : Circles and its Related Terms: A Review
Topic 10.2 : Angle Subtended by a Chord at a Point
Topic 10.3 :Perpendicular from the Centre to a Chord and circle through three points
Topic 10.4 : Equal Chords and their Distances from the Centre
Topic 10.5 : Angle Subtended by an Arc of a Circle and cyclic quadrilaterals
Topic 12.1 : Area of a Triangle – by Heron’s Formula
Topic 12.2 : Application of Heron’s Formula in finding Areas of Quadrilaterals
Topic 15.1 : Probability – An Experimental Approach
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