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Bright Tutee makes Mathematics interesting and easy for students. We provide CBSE class 10 Mathematics online course which comprises class 10 maths live lectures created by a team of highly experienced  Maths teachers such as Mr. B.K. Singh and Sanjay Jain, class 10 maths NCERT Solutions, and Class 10 maths question bank. Our video lectures course is comprehensive yet engaging and follows the latest CBSE board syllabus including the class 10 Maths basic and standard exam.

In addition to all this, we also provide you an exam preparation kit that includes all the solved and unsolved sample papers, model test papers and guess papers for practice.

Thus BrightTutee helps you get the complete conceptual understanding of the Mathematics chapters and topics, including Trigonometry and Statistics. And that helps you become more confident and score better marks in Class 10th Maths board exam.

List of chapters for Class 10th Mathematics

Chapter 1 – Real Numbers

‘Real Numbers’ is the first chapter of class 10 Maths. This chapter is supplementary to the chapter “Numbers System” which is there in class 9th. In class 10th, the chapter focuses on Real Numbers and their applications.

Topics covered in the Chapter:

1.Euclid's Division Lemma –This theorem states that “If two positive integers are “a” and “b”, then there exists unique integers “q” and “r” such that which satisfies the condition a = bq + r where 0 ≤ r ≤ b.”

2. The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic- This theorem states that “Every composite number can be expressed (factorised) as a product of primes and this factorisation is unique, apart from the order in which the prime factors occur.”

3. Revisiting Rational & Irrational Numbers- This topic basically deals with two theorems

Theorem 1 -“Let b a prime number. If p divides a2, then p divides a, where a is a positive integer.

Theorem 2- “2 is irrational.”

4. Decimal Expansions- This theorem states that “The decimal expansion of every rational number is either terminating or non- terminating repeating.”

We provide you live lectures, online video lessons and online tests in the form of MCQs and solved and unsolved assignments of all the topics. Also, you get the option of asking a question or a doubt on the dashboard so that you can get your queries solved and also study at the same time. Thus all these resources eliminate the need to study the NCERT Class 10 Maths textbook or any other reference book like RS Aggarwal or RD Sharma.

List of exercises in the chapter:

Ex 1.1

Ex 1.2

Ex 1.3

Ex 1.4


Class 10 Maths Chapter 2 – Polynomials

Class 10 Chapter 2 ‘Polynomials’ comes under Algebra. It deals with detailed explanation of polynomials in one variable and their degrees.

Topics Covered in the Chapter:

1.Geometrical Meaning of the Zeroes of a Polynomial


2. Relationship between Zeroes and Coefficients of a Polynomial


3. Division Algorithm for Polynomials


The video lectures by Bright Tutee teachers are very comprehensive and provide you detailed explanation of all the concepts related to Polynomials. After going through these when you give the online test it increases your speed and accuracy. You can also ask your questions related to the different topics of the chapter and get them solved at the same time. You can also see the questions previously asked by other students.

List of exercises in the chapter:

Ex 2.1

Ex 2.2

Ex 2.3

Ex 2.4 


Class 10 Maths Chapter 3- Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Class 10 Chapter 3 ‘Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables’ is a part of Algebra and the topics covered in this chapter include Graphical Method of Solution of a Pair of Linear Equations, Equations Reducible to a Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables and Algebraic Methods of Solving a Pair of Linear Equations. You can score well in this chapter with the help of our video lectures on the concepts, examples and textbook exercise questions related to it. After finishing these lectures you will be confident enough to attempt the MCQs with full accuracy. In addition to this you also get the solved and unsolved assignments of the chapter.


Topics Covered in the Chapter:

1.Introduction- This includes discussion of Linear Equations in Two Variable and their relation to that of Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables. 


2. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables- Definition – “An equation which can be put in the form ax + by + c = 0, where a, b and c are real numbers, and a and b are not zeros, is called a linear equation in two variables x and y. Our teachers also discuss about the geometrical representation of Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables with related examples.


3. Graphical Method of Solution of a Pair of Linear Equations


4. Algebraic Methods of Solving a Pair of Linear Equations


5. Equations Reducible to a Pair of Linear Equation in Two Variables- In this you will get to know about pairs of equations that are not linear but can be reduced to linear form by making substitutions.


6. Summary – Discussion of all the important topics related to the chapter.


List of exercises of the chapter:

Ex 3.1

Ex 3.2

Ex 3.3

Ex 3.4

Ex 3.5

Ex 3.6

Ex 3.7


Class 10 Maths Chapter 4 – Quadratic Equations

Quadratic Equations is a part of Algebra and focuses on topics including Solution of a Quadratic Equation by Factorisation, Nature of Roots and Solution of a Quadratic Equation by Completing the Square.

Topics covered in the Chapter:

1. Quadratic Equations

2. Solution of a Quadratic Equation by Factorisation

3. Solution of a Quadratic Equation by Completing the Square

4. Nature of Roots

List of exercises in the Chapter:

Ex 4.1

Ex 4.2

Ex 4.3

Ex 4.4


Class 10 Maths Chapter 5- Arithmetic Progressions

Arithmetic Progressions focuses on finding the nth terms of an arithmetic progression  (AP) and the sum of n consecutive terms.


Topics Covered in the Chapter:

1.Introduction- It provides full understanding of what exactly are arithmetic progressions and the patterns associated with them and how they can be applied in our day to day lives.Students can also down the PDF of Arithmetic Progressions chapter from the official website. These PDFs have been prepared by expert teachers at Bright Tutee to help you in every possible way.

2. Arithmetic Progressions (AP)

3. Nth Term of an AP

4. Sum of first n terms of an AP

List of exercises in the chapter:

Ex 5.1

Ex 5.2

Ex 5.3

Ex 5.4


Class 10 Maths Chapter 6 – Triangles

Triangles comes under Algebra topic. In this chapter, you will get to learn different properties that define Triangles. The topics covered in the chapter include Similar Figures, Area of Similar Triangles and Similarity of Triangles and also Pythagoras theorem.

Topics Covered in the Chapter

1.Introduction – You become familiar with Triangles and their Properties. Also information is given on similarity of triangles and their application in giving a simple proof of Pythagoras Theorem.

2. Similar Figures -The topic discusses similarity of figures, which basically are two figures having same shape but not necessarily the same size.

3. Similarity of Triangles- This basically focuses onBasic Proportionality Theorem which states that “Two triangles are similar if (i) their corresponding angles are equal and (ii) their corresponding sides are in the same ratio (or proportion.

4. Criteria for Similarity of Triangles- This discusses more such theorems related to Similarity of Triangles

5. Areas of Similar Triangles


6. Pythagoras Theorem- Proof of Pythagoras theorem using the concept of similarity of triangles.

List of the exercises in the chapter:

Ex 6.1

Ex 6.2

Ex 6.3

Ex 6.4

Ex 6.5

Ex 6.6


Class 10 Maths Chapter 7- Coordinate Geometry

Class 10Chapter 7 ‘Coordinate Geometry’ focuses on topics including Introduction to Coordinate Geometry, Section Formula, Distance Formula and Area of the Triangle. This chapter deals with finding the area between two points whose coordinate values are given. You also understand some basic concepts like area of triangle, distance between sides and intersections and rhombus.

Our online course comprising video lectures, online test and solved and unsolved assignments will help you understand the basics of this chapter. In the video lectures our teachers will explain in detail the various formulas and methods to solve the questions from this chapter. They will make all this easier by providing you tips and tricks related to class 10 Board exams preparation. Moreover, you will also be able to ask them doubts through the option available on the dashboard. With our course we also provide you my notes and to do list to further enhance your learning journey.

Topics Covered in the Chapter:

1.Introduction to Coordinate Geometry

2. Distance Formula

3. Section Formula

4. Area of the Triangle

List of the exercises in the chapter:

Ex 7.1

Ex 7.2

Ex 7.3

Ex 7.4


Class 10 Maths Chapter 8- Introduction to Trigonometry

Class 10 Chapter 8 ‘Introduction to Trigonometry’is a very scoring chapter for students who are about to give the CBSE Class 10 board examination.

Topics Covered in the Chapter:

1.Trigonometric Identities

2. Trigonometric Ratios of Some Specific Angles

3. Trigonometric Ratios of Complementary Angles

4. Trigonometric Identities

We provide you all the resources you need for scoring maximum marks in this chapter. Moreover, completing the solved and unsolved assignments will grow your command over the topic. Also when you attempt the online tests and MCQs it gives you better assessment of your preparation. You also get a question bank for better practice.

List of exercises in the chapter:

Ex 8.1

Ex 8.2

Ex 8.3

Ex 8.4


Class 10 Maths Chapter 9- Some Applications of Trigonometry

Class 10 Chapter 9 ‘Some Applications of Trigonometry’ focuses on the topic heights and distances. This topic discusses angle of deviation, angle of elevation, line of sight and angle of depression. This chapter explains how you can find height and distance of different objects without measuring with the help of trigonometry.  We provide you a question bank comprising solutions to all the exercise problems given in the class 10 Maths NCERT textbook.

Topics Covered in the Chapter:

1.Heights and Distances- This basically deals with finding the angle of deviation and elevation. It also focuses on line of sight and depression. Our teachers discuss the step by step solutions to all the problems from this topic.

List of Exercises of the Chapter

Ex 9.1


Class 10 Maths Chapter 10- Circles

Class 10 Chapter 10 ‘Circles’ focuses on tangets to a circle, and number of tangents from a point on a circle. This chapter deals with the existence of tangents to a circle and properties of circle.It is a very interesting chapter as it includes use of diagrams and geometrical calculations.

Our video lectures are very detailed and comprehensive. In these lectures apart from explaining the concepts of Circles our teachers will provide you short cut tips and tricks for attempting the questions from this chapter and score more marks. They will relate the problems with day to day life examples so help you understand the concepts better.


Topics Covered in the Chapter:

1.Tangent to a Circle

2. Number of Tangents from a Point on a Circle

List of Exercises of the Chapter:

Ex 10.1

Ex 10.2


Class 10 Maths Chapter 11- Constructions

Class 10 Chapter 11 ‘Constructions’ comes under Geometry.  It deals with division of a line segment, line segment bisector and constructions of tangents to a circle, etc. Our online course includes video lectures on basic constructions and some constructions of Triangles. It also includes online test in the form of MCQs related to the chapter. You are also given unsolved and assignments for practice. We also provide with question bank comprising all the NCERT solutions.

Topics Covered in the Chapter:

1.Division of a Line Segment

2. Construction of Tangents to a Circle

List of Exercises of the Chapter:

Ex 11.1

Ex 11.2


Class 10 Maths Chapter 12- Areas Related to Circles

Class 10 Chapter 12 ‘Areas Related to Circles’ is part of Mensuration. This chapter discusses concepts of perimeter (circumference) and area of a circle and their application in finding the areas of two special ‘parts’ of a circular region known as sector and segment.

You can ask doubts from our teachers related to ‘Areas Related to Circles’ during live doubt clearance sessions. Also when you are watching the video lessons, you can also ask the doubts by the option given on the dashboard.  In addition to all this you also get solved and unsolved assignments, and an exam preparation kit which includes all the previous years’ sample papers, guess papers and model tests papers. All this will surely help you achieve maximum marks in this subject.

Topics Covered in the Chapter:

1.Perimeter and Area of a Circle- A review

2. Areas of Sector and Segment of a Circle

3. Areas of Combinations of Plane Figures

List of Exercises of the Chapter

Ex 12.1

Ex 12.2

Ex 12.3


Class 10 Maths Chapter 13- Surface Areas and Volumes

Class 10 Chapter Surface Areas and Volumes’ deals with topics including the surface area of a combination of Solids, frustum of a cone, the volume of a combination of solids and conversion of solid from one shape to another. This chapter is very useful as it develops your fundamentals of configuring the surface areas and volumes of real objects such as gas cylinder, footballs etc. In live lectures on this chapter teacher like B.K Singh will teach you the concepts and guru mantras for solving the problems from the chapter such as finding the surface area and volume of right circular cylinder such as an ice cream cone or a conical funnel. After completing the topics you will easily be able to do the assignments and the online test.

Topics Covered in the Chapter:

1.Surface Area of a Combination of Solids

2. Volume of a Combination of Solids

3. Conversion of Solid from One Shape to Another

4. Frustum of a Cone

List of Exercises of the Chapter:







Class 10 Maths Chapter 14- Statistics

Class 10 Chapter ‘Statistics’s one of the most important chapter of Maths. It deals with calculation of mean, median, and mode from ungrouped data to grouped data. It also discusses the topic of cumulative frequency, drawing cumulative frequency distribution curves and cumulative frequency distribution.

In our video lectures our teachers use graphical representations to clear your concepts and make them more comprehensive. Along with these video lessons, you get all the solved and unsolved assignments regarding all the topics covered in the chapter. Online tests are also given after completing which your confidence to score more marks also increases. You are also able to attempt maximum questions with 100 percent accuracy.

Topics Covered in the Chapter:

1.Mean of grouped data

2. Mode of grouped data

3. Median of grouped data

4. Graphical representation of cumulative frequency distribution

List of Exercises of the Chapter


Ex 14.2

EX 14.3

Ex 14.4


Class 10 Maths Chapter 15- Probability

Class 10 Chapter 'Probability' is important from the examination point of view. However, to some students this chapter seems really difficult. So, we at Bright tutee provide you online video lessons, Online test in the form of MCQs and solved and unsolved assignments pertaining to the chapter. All this helps you gain mastery over the chapter without the need for NCERT Class 10 Maths Textbook or any other book like RS Aggarwal.

Topics Covered in the Chapter:

1.Difference between experimental and theoretical probability

2. Complementary events

3. Elementary events

4. Probability of a certain event

5. How to find probability of different events

List of Exercises of the Chapter:

Ex 15.1

Ex 15.2


Several benefits of studying with Bright Tutee

Detailed explanations of each and every chapter and topic-

At Bright Tutee, our teachers go the extra mile to help you score more in Maths. They explain every new chapter, every new topic in a very student-friendly way. They will give you the theoretical knowledge so you can figure out what the chapter or topic is all about. And, then you will be able to solve all the examples and unsolved questions from the NCERT textbooks. Along the way, they may also take important questions from other sources. Additionally, students can make notes as well as ask doubt if they do not understand a concept or question. 

Test what you learn with MCQs and Assignments

Assignments let you know how much you understood of the chapter and topic that you just finished watching from a video lecture course. We provide MCQs (multiple choice questions) for every topic. Once you submit your answers, you get immediate results and that gives you a real-time check on what you know well of a chapter, and what is it that you need to go back to and revise. Assignments, provided in solved and unsolved PDF versions further help you get a command over a chapter and topic. We also provide you chapter-wise question bank.

Exam preparation kit for Class 10th board exams

Bright Tutee also provides its students with an extensive exam preparation kit. This kit comprises solved and unsolved previous years' question papers, sample question papers, and model test papers. Attempting question papers help you get familiar with the exam pattern and marking scheme. Also, you start finishing the paper before time. All of this helps you face your board exams more confidently and score better marks. 

What's also interesting about our JKBOSE Class 10th Maths videos lecture course is that it is very affordable. In fact, you can access the course for one day for only Rs. 30. A lot of other course purchase options are also available such as weekly, monthly, and annual plans. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you wish to get better in Maths and score more in your board exam, then you must take this course.