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Video Lessons

1. Describing Motion

2. Distance an Displacement

3. Intext Question

1. Uniform Motion and Non Uniform Motion


Exam Preparation Kit

Our latest class 9th Science course for Nagaland Board (NBSE) students comprises video lecture courses, MCQs, assignments, and question papers. The video lectures and the rest of the course content are prepared by our highly qualified and experienced teachers. The entire video course has been put together to empower students like you to study better and score more in Science. You can study the course online with the help of internet. Or, we can deliver it to your address in a pen drive, or tablet or other devices so that you do not have to depend on internet for your studies. 

Engaging and comprehensive Video lectures-

You will learn Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as if you are learning from your own teacher in a classroom. These teachers are very experienced and use real-life examples to make Science concepts relatable and memorable. While watching a video lecture on a topic or chapter, you can even write down notes so you can come back for revision whenever you want. 

Assessments and MCQs for better comprehension-

Assignments are important to ensure that you have actually learnt what you saw in the video lecture. For that, we provide our students with topic-wise multiple-choice questions and assignments so they have a clear idea of how much they understood and what is it that they need to go back to and revise. Additionally, we also provide chapter- wise question banks.

Exam Preparation Kit-

After completing the whole syllabus, you should get down to solve previous years' question papers, model test papers, and sample question papers. At Bright Tutee, we provide it all to our students. This kind of smart exam preparation helps you get over the fear of exams. You also start to know about the marking scheme and exam pattern, as well as with the time management during the exams. 

Highly Affordable Course-

We have kept all our video lecture courses, including this class 9th Science course, affordable so students from across the economic strata of our society can have access to better means of education. We provide a one day access to the full course at just Rs 30. Plus, we also provide customized courses for 1 day, 1 week, 15 days, 2 months, and 6 months or for an entire year.

Learn Anytime and Anywhere-

With Bright Tutee, you can study Science on-the-go. This will reduce your need for tuition/coaching centres as well. 

Still not sure? Then, start with our one-day course and if you like it, you can purchase it for a longer time period.