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Reflection of Light and Plane Mirror

1. Human Eye

2. Power of Accommodation

1. Defects of vision and their correction


Exam Preparation Kit

To score in class 10th Science (Vigyan) subject, it is very important ki aap ke concepts clear hon, aur aap har chapter, har topic ki thorough practice karain. Bright Tutee Science course has been put together to help you get better conceptual clarity and make you undergo a lot of practice before you sit for the internal and final board exams.

Science ke iss online course me you will get access to video lectures, MCQs, Assessments, solved and unsolved model test papers, sample question papers, and last years’ question papers, etc. So, whether it is Physics, Chemistry, or Biology, with this interactive course, you will score

The course also enables you to reduce your dependency on tuition/coaching centers, kyunki inn video lectures ko aap log apne ghar me baithe baithe dekh aur seekh sakte ho, that too, from highly experienced teachers. Even, if you do not have internet facility, we provide CBSE (सीबीएसई) Class 10th Science Course in offline format via pen drive, SD card, and tablet. Matlab internet ho ya na ho, aapki study chalti rahegi.

Result-Oriented and Detailed Video Lectures-

Bright Tutee's team of teachers go the extra mile in making Science interesting and engaging for students like you joh board exams me achche marks score karna chahte hain. Each video lecture that you take whether it on Chemical Reactions and Equations, or Metal and Non-Metals, or Carbon and its Compounds, gives you a thorough understanding of the chapter as well as the best way to prepare it from the exams point of view.

MCQs and Assignments-

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) after every topic ensure that you get a complete understanding of what you learned through our video lectures. Unsolved and Solved topic-wise Assignments are also prepared with the same purpose in mind. Phir jab aap yeh MCQs and assignments finish kar lete hain, then you can happily move on to new chapters/topics. Yahi nahi, balki we also provide chapter-wise question bank.

Solved and Unsolved Question Papers-

Practicing with question papers entails many benefits for a student. First of all, solving a question paper makes you overcome your fear of sitting for the board exams for the first time. Practice karke aapka confidence level ekdum nayi unchayee pe pahunch jata hai.

When you choose Bright Tutee, you get access to previous years' question papers, model test papers, and sample test papers. You learn about the marking scheme and exam pattern. You also get better in solving the question papers well on time. Iss tarah ki tayaari enables you to get to the heart of the concepts, improve your problem-solving ability, and eventually score more marks in every exam.

Live Interactive Sessions-

To further help a student score more in exams, the Bright Tutee team regularly holds live doubt clearing sessions on its digital platforms, including its website and YouTube channel.

Affordable Course Prices-

We aim to make Science an interesting subject for all the students who get scared at the very mention of this subject. This is one of the reasons why we kept our Science video lectures course for class 10th students surprisingly affordable. Depending on your need for help with Science, you can choose to study with us: so you can pay for a day, a week, a fortnight, a month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. You can also buy this CBSE Science Course based on what chapters you'd like to study with us.

Now, what are you waiting for? Agar Science ke board exams me number score karne hain, toh immediately purchase our course and start your learning journey.