Course Content
Prose - A Letter to God
Prose - Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
Prose - Two Stories about Flying _His First Flight
Prose - From the Diary of Anne Frank / Amanda!
Prose - The Hundred Dresses–I
Prose - The Hundred Dresses–II
Prose - Glimpses of India _I Abaker from Goa
Prose - Mijbil the Otter
Prose - Madam Rides the Bus
Prose - The Sermon at Benares
Prose - The Proposal
Poetry - Poem Dust of Snow
Poetry - Tiger in the Zoo
Poetry - How to tell wild Animals
Poetry - Amanda!
Poetry - Animals
Poetry - The trees
Poetry - Fog
Poetry - The Tale of Custard the Dragon
Poetry - For Anne Gregory
Exam Prepration Kit (Available with Full Course)

In this course package, you will learn the nuances of English language and literature. This course package follows the NCERT and CBSE guidelines for English Class 10. 

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