Course Content
Topic 1.1 : Euclid's Division Lemma
Topic 1.2 : The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic
Topic 1.3: Revisiting Irrational Numbers
Topic 1.4 : Revisiting Rational Numbers and Their Decimal Expansions
Topic 2.1: Geometrical meaning of the zeroes of a polynomial
Topic 2.2: Relationship between zeroes and coefficients of a polynomial
Topic 2.3: Division algorithm for polynomials
Topic 3.1: Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
Topic 3.2: Graphical Method of Solution of a Pair of Linear Equations
Topic 3.3: Algebraic Methods of Solving a Pair of Linear Equations
Topic 3.4: Equations Reducible to a Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
Topic 4.1: Quadratic equations
Topic 4.2: Solution of a Quadratic Equation by Factorisation
Topic 4.3: Solution of a Quadratic Equation by Completing the Square
Topic 4.4: Nature of Roots
Topic 12.1: Perimeter and Area of a Circle - A Review
Topic 12.2: Areas of Sector and Segment of a Circle
Topic 12.3: Areas of Combinations of Plane Figures
Topic 15.1: Probability — A Theoretical Approach
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