Bright Tutee Helps State Board Students Get Free Study Content


With the outbreak of Corona, tuition centres and schools across the country have morphed into potential breeding grounds for the virus. Most state governments across Karnataka, New Delhi, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra etc. have even asked schools, colleges and other institutions to remain closed and gatherings to be curtailed. This has caused a huge commotion amongst students, especially the ones who are expected to take tests or exams. 

While a few edtech startups were seen rising to the occasion by helping CBSE and IB board students, most of the state board students were still stuck in limbo for having received no form of assistance from any private startup or enterprise. Bright Tutee, an online education platform, offering above 1500 hours of video lectures and tests for 18 state boards, has decided to offer all of its content for free till the situation stabilizes. 

Launched by the visionary father-son duo, who having realized education should not only be accessible to all state board students but also be affordable to one and all, now want to ensure that students stay safe from the coronavirus contamination at home without having to compromise on their lessons.

Commenting upon the noble initiative, Anant Goyal, Director and Founder at Bright Tutee said, “We at bright tutee, were initially and obviously alarmed at the onset of the coronavirus, but the values of service and empathy engrained deep within us moved us to exercise swift, remedial and effective action for the sake of millions of Indian students. I profoundly believe that education is not a privilege but a basic existential right for everyone, irrespective of their socio-economic status.

With the unfortunate advent of this global epidemic in our country, the least we can accomplish as providers of knowledge and learning is assuring that the under-privileged and marginalized students of our country do not miss out on their valuable school lessons due to the total shutdown being observed across India. To this end, we are hereby rendering all edutech services of Bright Tutee absolutely free of cost until the situation improves and stabilizes."

The platform which is available on both website and the android app offers class 9 and 10 study content starting at just Rs 10 under normal (non-epidemical) circumstances, and has a 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year plan, for students to choose as per their necessity.