Bright Tutee introduces live online classes for students of class 6th to class 10th


Hyderabad, May 2020: With schools observing indefinite closure to detain the further spreading of COVID - 19, online learning has gained new prominence among the students. All thanks to technology-led education start-ups like Bright Tutee, students can comfortably learn from the safety of their homes.

Bright Tutee, a New Delhi-based edutech company and India’s fastest growing online learning platform, has now announced to launch free live classes on YouTube for students of class 6th to 8th standard across multiple education boards in India.

The live lectures initiated by Bright Tutee follow a class-wise schedule. For instance, class 6 live sessions will go live from 11 am to 11:40 am, class 7 goes live from 12 pm to 12:40 pm, while the class 8 periods ensues from 1 pm to 1:40 pm, etc to provide a virtual schooling atmosphere.

Though several other players in this space are also offering free learning, Bright Tutee has emerged as the first one to transmit its content outside its platform and deliver it for free. Through this initiative, the company has set a new milestone for itself and for others in the ed-tech space, and it is expected that other players too shall follow suit.

Commenting on the noble initiative, Anant Goyal, Director, and founder at Bright Tutee said, “With schools witnessing closure due to the global corona pandemic, we have been witnessing a massive level of engagement on our learning platform post the virulent outbreak. To ensure that students stay secure and can learn from the safety of their homes, we have decided to leverage social media channels like YouTube to conduct free classes for students across the country.”

We're hopeful that this initiative will greatly benefit over 10 million students enrolled between classes 6th to 10th whose learning process has been discontinued due to the nationwide lockdown. The current scenario dictates that the edutech industry as a responsible corporate lobby prioritizes the welfare and educational needs of students over conventional business aspirations".

The swiftly growing and unconventional new-age state of the art tech-driven online learning and edtech player is winning hearts and acclaim from across the industry for its novel and thoughtful gestures. It's a free learning app that has been a major hit with students, as well as teachers, is captivating the imagination of pedagogical experts and edutech competitors across the country.