Bright Tutee ... It's Where Immersive Learning Begins


Since time immortal, learning was kept as a one way discourse: a teacher would enter a classroom and teach a class. Students were expected to listen to their teacher with rapt attention and not ask many questions. At the ring of the bell, the teacher would close the textbook and go away to another class. The problem with this approach is it stayed static despite rapid and unbelievable changes in the world outside.

Technology engulfed the world and students too found themselves glued to screens

In the last one decade, the education ecosystem saw a number of disruptions including the advent of open source learning platforms. YouTube is one of them. These platforms instantly seized the attention of the young learners and made them want more out of their classrooms. Sadly, our schools, to a large extent, failed to identify this new urge to make learning a more fun and engaging experience paving way for digital learning companies.

Learning took on a whole new dimension fuelled by the strong demand caused by the pandemic

Entrepreneurs seized on the opportunity and before one could understand a thing, hundreds of ed-tech start-ups came into the scene with a promise to refine and innovative learning. Bright Tutee, conceptualised and founded by Anant Goyal, is one of the frontrunners in e-learning and helps over 500,000 students learn from the safety of their homes. During the pandemic COVID - 19, Bright Tutee also made courses free on its learning app so that India's learning does not stop and children can stay safe and secure in their homes.


Immersive learning is at the core of Bright Tutee

No one can deny the potential of visual learning coupled with enough of assessment and exam preparation support. At Bright Tutee, we reach out to our young learners with engaging video lessons that spellbound the learners and give them enough reasons to fall in love with learning. Our teachers design their lessons strictly around the current syllabus of our students and help them prepare better for their exams. Based on the tenets of learning, assessment, and exam preparation, Bright Tutee courses have already won of the hearts of hundreds of thousands of students. Leading state boards including Haryana board, Rajasthan board, and Haryana board, have also highly appreciated our app and recommended the same to their board students.

Vernacular learning is also a big USP of Bright Tutee. Unlike other ed-tech start-ups in India, Bright Tutee crafts its learning solutions in multiple languages. This enables our students from across states & cultures access our premium quality education in their own language. Currently, our digital learning courses are available in English, Hindi, and Hinglish. In near future, we also plan to launch our courses in other prominent local languages such as Telugu, Gujarati, and Punjabi. Students can also experience immersive learning at Bright Tutee for different time periods such as 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.

There's so much more about Bright Tutee that excites a student about learning. To get to know all of these things, keep coming back to us.