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Full Course

6 Months

Full Course

Midpoint and Intercept Theorem

1-Topics, 4-Videos, 2-Assignments


1-Topics, 3-Videos, 2-Assignments

Chord properties of circle

1-Topics, 5-Videos, 0-Assignments

Arc properties of circle

1-Topics, 2-Videos, 0-Assignments

Frequency Distribution

1-Topics, 3-Videos, 0-Assignments

Mean and Median of Ungrouped Data and Frequency Polygon

3-Topics, 6-Videos, 0-Assignments

Perimeter & Area of plane figures

2-Topics, 9-Videos, 0-Assignments

Circumference and Area of a circle

1-Topics, 6-Videos, 0-Assignments

Volume and Surface area of Solids

1-Topics, 5-Videos, 0-Assignments

Coordinate geometry

3-Topics, 5-Videos, 0-Assignments

Rational & Irrational number

4-Topics, 12-Videos, 8-Assignments

Areas of triangles and parallelograms

1-Topics, 6-Videos, 0-Assignments

Trigonometrical Ratios

4-Topics, 7-Videos, 0-Assignments

Pythagoras Theorem

1-Topics, 5-Videos, 2-Assignments

Simultaneous Linear Equations

6-Topics, 7-Videos, 12-Assignments


5-Topics, 18-Videos, 10-Assignments

Compound Interest

3-Topics, 7-Videos, 6-Assignments


3-Topics, 11-Videos, 6-Assignments


2-Topics, 2-Videos, 4-Assignments


2-Topics, 3-Videos, 4-Assignments


3-Topics, 6-Videos, 6-Assignments

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