Assam Board (AHSEC)

About Assam Board-

AHSEC i.e. Assam Higher Secondary Education Council was established todevelop the higher secondary education in the state of Assam on 1st June 1984.AHSEC is responsible for supervising, regulating and developing the educationsystem of Higher Secondary i.e. class 12th of Assam Board. Bamunimaidam, Guwahati is the Headquarter of AHSEC and the official website is http://ahsec.nic.in.

The Board of Secondary Education, Assam also known as SEBA was establishedto regulate, supervise and develop the secondary education i.e. class 10th in thestate of Assam. It came into force from 24th January 1962. The board is governedby the Assam Secondary Education Act, 1961. The Headquarter of SEBA is in Guwahati and the official website is https://sebaonline.org

Functions of the Board-

1. Prescribes the curricula, syllabus and courses of Instruction for HigherSecondary and Secondary classes.

2. Conducts Examinations and publishes results.

3. Provides the option for re-checking or re-evaluation to the students.

4. Imparts affiliation to schools.

5. Conducts supplementary exams.

6. Adopts measures for study and examination problems.

A Bird's Eye-View of AHSE-

Board Assam Higher Secondary Education Council
Abbreviation AHSEC
Establishment Year 1984
Official Website http://ahsec.nic.in/
Chairman Dayananda Borgohain
E-mail id ahsec1@yahoo.com
Address Assam Higher Secondary Education Council
Bamunimadam, Guwahati 781021
Contact No. 0361-2550828
State Assam

A Bird’s Eye-view of SEBA-

Board Board of Secondary Education, Assam
Abbreviation SEBA
Establishment Year 1962
Official Website https://sebaonline.org/
Chairman R.C Jain
E-mail id boardassam@gmail.com
Address Baimunimaidam, Guwahati 781021
Assam, India
Contact No. 0361-2550330
State Assam

Exam-dates and Results-

The Assam Board organizes the exams from mid of February to the first week ofMarch for class 10th and declare the results in the mid of May. In 2019, the examsran from 14th February to 2nd March and the result was announced on 15th May.

The Assam Board holds the exam from mid of February to mid of March for class12th and declares the results in the last week of May. In 2019, the exams startedfrom 12th of February to 14th of March and the result was declared on 25th May,2019.

How to prepare well for the exams?

Exam-preparation is a key to score good marks in every subject. So, Bright Tuteeis sharing some exam-preparation tips:

1. Fix a place for study-Select and fix a place for your studies and always studyon the same place. This will comfort you mentally and whenever you will come tothat place, you will wish to study.

2. Be focused-Be focused and always study with cent percent concentration. Donot study while watching T.V or listening songs. If you are studying, only study.

3. Study according to the syllabus-Remain adhere to the topics of your syllabusof the subject. Do check that the weightage of the marks prescribed to the chaptersof the syllabus and study according to that marking system.

4. Mock-test-After the completion of the syllabus, practice the previous years’question papers, model-test paper and sample papers

5. Take healthy diet-Take healthy and nutritious food and avoid junk food. Drinkplenty of water. It will reduce your anxiety level and make you confident.

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