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In-depth Video Lectures by Experienced Teachers

Bright Tutee provides comprehensive video lectures painstakingly prepared by competent and experienced teachers. In each video lesson, our teachers explain concepts in detail. The video lectures also contain engaging discussions on textbook examples, all varieties of textbook questions, and other important questions.

Strictly Mapped to Your Syllabus

We offer courses in over 18+ boards created according to the prescribed syllabus prescribed book by the boards. These courses cover a wide range of topic-wise conceptual videos, MCQs,Practice Assignments, Question Banks, Exam Preparation resources etc.

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Learn in Your Language

You learn better when you learn in your language. At Bright Tutee, you get the opportunity to learn in Hindi, English, and Bilingual (mix of Hindi and English).

Assess Yourself And Track Your Progress

Regular assessments lead to better preparation. Our online tests and other relevant study materials allow you to continuously assess your progress, and stay ahead of the curve.

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Get Exam Ready with Exam Preparation Kit

Kick start your exam preparation with our exam prep kit that gives you access to a plethora of unsolved & solved Previous Years' Question papers, Sample Question Papers and Model Test Papers.