Why Bright Tutee?

Exam results play an important role in how a student's life unfolds in the later years. And though traditional learning modes including classroom teaching and coaching institutes are effective, they come with their unique set of pitfalls.

We believe that a student learns better when he/she learns without distractions. At Bright Tutee, we combine tech and education, and enable students learn without distractions, and from the comfort of their homes.

Top reasons students prefer Bright Tutee

Learning - comprehensive, effective, and engaging

Our online video lessons or lectures are detailed and delivered in a lucid manner. The lectures contain discussions on all the important textbook examples and questions. These discussions help a student understand a chapter or topic with better clarity.

Moreover, a student can make notes while learning from the content, and raise questions.

The teachers further enrich the learning experience of the students by conducting live interactive sessions aimed at clearing their doubts. Sessions on exam do's and don'ts are also held.

Assessments to track your progress

Assessments are vital in a student's learning journey. MCQs as well as topic and subject wise assignments help a student discover his/her strengths and weaknesses. Based on these assessments, a student can fine tune his/her learning, and revise chapters/topics accordingly.

Exam preparation with abundance of resources

A student can never be fully prepared for his/her school exams unless he/she is aware of the exam patterns and marking scheme. With a plethora of previous years' question papers, model test papers (unsolved and solved), and sample question papers (unsolved and solved), Bright Tutee introduces a student to what real exams look and feel like. The practise sessions make a student more prepared for the exams.

Affordable Learning

Bright Tutee is on a mission to make education accessible and affordable to one and all, irrespective of a student's socio-economic background.

At Bright Tutee, a student can customize a learning course package as perhis/her learning needs and budget. So, for instance, a student can opt for a day access to a course. For this, the student will pay only Rs.30.

Similarly, he/she can increase the course-access time to 1 week, 15 days, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, or for an entire year. What's more, a student can choose to study just one chapter or more, and pay for only those chapters!

Still on the fence? Contact the Bright Tutee team for more information.